Finance and GMAT Sentence Correction

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January 5, 2015
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January 12, 2015
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Finance and GMAT Sentence Correction


A,C,E - Incorrect: The time adverb in the recently concluded... session and the use of the past verb concluded implies that the action of deciding was completed at a known point in the past. The present perfect has decided, on the other hand, refers to events that happened in the past but at an unspecified time, or to events whose effects are still ongoing. The simple past tense is needed here instead of the present perfect.

D - Incorrect: This option contains a subject-verb agreement error: companies has a need of should be companies have a need of. Also the phrase distressed financial companies has a need of is too wordy.

B - Correct: The simple past tense decided is correctly used.

B is the correct answer.