Wine Tasting — GMAT Question of the Day

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September 16, 2015
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September 21, 2015
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Wine Tasting — GMAT Question of the Day

A, B, D - Incorrect: Consider does not take a preposition, so ...considered as/to be or consider... as is the wrong idiom here.

B - Incorrect: It is very unlikely that the plummy flavor was noteworthy for being virtually unheard of outside Navarra. Placing this last phrase as a modifier after flavor changes the meaning of the sentence.

D - Incorrect: The idea that locals "consider the drink fit for a gourmet" is lost; instead, this sentence incorrectly states that locals "consider it virtually unheard of..."

E - Incorrect: It is unclear whether the introductory phrase modifies most locals or Tempranillo, though of course the first option makes little sense in the sentence.

C - Correct: considered a gourmet drink is the best use of the idiom in this passage.

C is the correct answer.