Sentence Correction with a little extra flavor

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November 19, 2014
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November 24, 2014
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Sentence Correction with a little extra flavor

A - Incorrect: The sentence uses a colon between the first clause and the second clause, which provides a list and explanation of rice dishes. In the second clause there are… needs a conjunction to connect the two parts; otherwise, it should become a separate sentence

B - Incorrect: Because, which is used to indicate a reason is illogical here after the colon. This clause is providing a list of rich dishes, not a reason for rice dishes.

C - Incorrect: The use of however is not justified as it implies a comparison.

D - Incorrect: Here the second clause following the colon appropriately provides a list of rice dishes. However, the use of the conjunction and to connect the statement there are no dishes without rice does not create the needed contrast. We already know from the first clause that the restaurant serves only rich dishes, so stating it again can only be for dramatic effect.

E - Correct: A colon can separate two independent clauses when the first one introduces a list, a quote, or an explanation. The conjunction but provides the proper emphasis when the reader is reminded that there are no dishes without rice.