Cultural differences in GMAT Sentence Correction

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December 31, 2014
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Cultural differences in GMAT Sentence Correction

A- Correct: This answer correctly uses the idiomatic Just as…so too… comparison form.

B- The phrase ancient Japanese culture shouldn’t use the definite article The. The transition and in a similar way is wordy and awkward.

C- Like…so too… is not a valid idiomatic construction. Adding the case of adds no meaning to the sentence. The word who can refer only to people, not to nouns such as culture or society.

D- Changing the verb in the underlined portion to followed by changes the meaning of the sentence in a way that doesn’t make sense. The propositions as in start a participial modifier, but it’s not clear what that modifier can logically modify in the rest of the sentence.

E- Similar to…so too… is not a valid comparison. Only non-essential information can be set off from the sentence by commas; which was ruled by caste and social status is essential to the meaning of this sentence.

Correct answer is A