A question a day keeps the doctor away: GMAT Critical Reasoning

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October 15, 2014
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A question a day keeps the doctor away: GMAT Critical Reasoning


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Situation: The effects of physical exercise and a controlled lifestyle and their collective effects on people who participate in them are discussed.

Reasoning: We need to find the statement explaining the technique used  to arrive at the conclusion above.

(A) Correct:  For our purposes, the skeleton of the argument is this, Sentence One: Physical exercise causes one to feel healthy. Sentence Two: The perceived control over one’s life causes one to feel healthy. Sentence Three: Therefore, Physical Exercise causes people to feel they have more control over their lives. This choice identifies the argument’s flawed logic to a tee.

(B) Incorrect:  Nothing in the argument suggests that any effect is produced “more strongly,” so this answer is out of scope.

(C) Incorrect:  The two premises of this argument are distinct from its conclusion. Although the argument is flawed, it isn’t circular in this way.

(D) Incorrect: Both premises and the conclusion are all related to health, so none of them can be said to be “irrelevant.”

(E) Incorrect:  It is possible that the argument was constructed with such preconceived notions in mind. However, it is impossible to determine with certainty that this is so based on the argument.

A is the correct answer.